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Geoff Wiseman and I have been working together through a longer period of time when he hired me as a business mentor and for personal developments.

Every fourth week he receives a new training plan and every sixth month he visits me in Denmark for a week of in depth mentorship.

Every morning starts with him forwarding his fasting blood glucose levels and these numbers decides how many calories and how his macros varies on the given day. This way his daily diet will be way more precise and we can micromanage the values that affect diet, stress-levels, medicine, supplements and workout routines. Following his many years of deployment, Geoff have been dealing with PTSD. This have been a factor which we’ve had to remember daily, but we have succeeded in finding and using new techniques to help Geoff deal with what he have experienced.

Up until this day, Geoff have dropped 12 kilos pure fat. We’ve made great improvements in strength and together we’ve completed in making Geoff daily life filled with energy and positivity, all in all something that will also have a positive effect in his business life as a personal trainer in Cardiff, UK.


“I had been training without a clear direction or goal in mind for sometime. After a few emails between myself and Casper And he had explained his methods and his processes I was sold.

Ive learnt more than any course has ever taught my as a personal trainer simply by following and trusting in his plans and instructions.

Sure I knew the methods 3-2-1 but never would I have ever given myself  3 waves for example!

Here I am 5 phases later and still going strong. Getting stronger, feeling more energised and dropping body fat consistently.”


“Pure trial and error here. We started off with meal plans quite rigid but after a few weeks i approached Casper and stated I felt I wasn’t improving. He listened and we made changes. We tried low days and high days, until we found my preferred method of Intermittent fasting (always been this way since military days). On top of this we started to monitor blood sugar which for me was huge because I was seeing instant changes in a metric and I was understanding more about how much I have control over my body and its processes and yes unfortunately it all boils down to choice.”


“What can I say here other than sing Casper’s praises. Anytime Ive had an issue he has given me an outlet. Provided scenarios, listened and made recommendations. Christ he has given me more support than the actual support network for discharged soldiers! He has an open door policy and always responds regardless of how busy he is. He has taken the time to get to know my mentality and its processes as well as talking with other Coaches who know me and found out exactly what I am really like. He has done all that just to ensure the relationship we have is conducive and also to ensure he is providing what I need.”

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